Information for Current Volunteers


Thank you for volunteering, you lovely person you! This page is for our existing volunteers and you can find lots of useful information! Enjoy!

Row of LIFT OFF student volunteers

How do I know when the events are happening?

You can see all our events on our calendar. We'll also send you monthly emails with the dates of events. If you are ever confused drop us a line at


Event Helpsheets

S3 Event Helpsheet

S4 Event Helpsheet



Senior Students

Senior Students are volunteers who have shown commitment to LIFT OFF and wish to expand their skills. The student volunteer coordinator nominates two or three students to be senior students. Their job can vary year to year but this year our senior students have been involved in welcoming new students, writing pieces for the website and working towards a social event for all students.

This year our senior students are:

Dylan Eleanor
Dylan Edmonds, Abertay University Eleanor Mullin,  St Andrews University

 Feel free to get in touch with Dylan and/or Eleanor if you ever have any worries or concerns about volunteering with us. Or if you have a good idea for a social event and want them to help you get in contact with anyone.

Travel Expenses

If you use public transport to attend any of our events, please note that you can claim these back.

We ask that you use this form to claim your expenses. You can attach your tickets to the sheet and then send it to us here at LIFT OFF Towers or hand it to one of the team at your next event.

Laughing students