LO2S - we ease your troubled minds

How do I apply?: You must be a new S4 pupil to come on LO2S. The LIFT OFF team will come into your school and give a short presentation on what it's all about. If you're interested, you can get an application pack (either from them or from your teacher). The form needs to filled in by you and a parent / carer and returned to your teacher. They send them off to us and we allocate as many spaces as possible.

What if the subject I like isn't on during the week?:  It really doesn't matter. The point of the programme is that you get to see what colleges and universities are really like and get a sense of some of the subject choices that are out there. Remember that we have our fabulous LIFT OFF students with us all week, who'll be only too happy to chat to you about their own subject. Once you're a Core Pupil, we'll stick with you until you leave school, so we can help with more subject-specific stuff later on.

Eeek! I'm frightened!: Don't be! Honest! We've been doing this for a long time, and we know how scary it can seem. All of the LIFT OFF team and students are there to help you settle in (we're a very friendly bunch). You will be allocated a small group with it's very own student leader. If you're feeling rubbish about anything at all you can speak to them (or to us). It is almost impossible not to make new friends on LO2S. Fact.

What happens on the first day?: You'll be introduced to the LIFT OFF team, the students and the nightstaff. Sarah (LIFT OFF Manager / boss lady) will run through the week and will highlight a few dos and don'ts for everyone. You'll get your room key and have some time to unpack and settle in. Then we'll bring everyone back together to get into groups and play some silly games.

Do I need to share a room?: No. Everyone will have their own room. It's really important that you stay in your own room at night for health and safety / fire regulations.

What if I get homesick?: Some people do feel a little bit homesick. It's absolutely nothing to feel embarrassed about. If you do feel a bit homesick, have a chat with your student or one of the LIFT OFF team.

Can I bring my guitar / playstation / laptop (etc.)?: We don't have any insurance for loss / accidental damage of any personal items, so it is STRONGLY recommended that you do not bring anything with you of significant value. Apart from anything else, you'll be pretty busy during your time with us, so there's not much point.

Can I bring straighteners?: Yes (just remember to unplug them when you leave your room :)

What clothes should I bring?: Bring enough to last you for the whole week (we don't have any laundry facilities available). Make sure that you have something warm and waterproof with you, as well as shoes you'll be comfortable walking in. We do ask that you don't bring any football-related stuff with you. We have a party on the last night and most people like to get dressed up for that, so don't forget to dig out your glad-rags.

Would there be any free time?: There will be some free time in the evenings.

Will I need to share a bathroom with other people?: You will. That's pretty common in a student hall of residence (think of it as immersing yourself in the experience). Don't worry about it though - there are locks on all of the doors!

I'm kind of fussy about food: Hmmmm. The food at the hall is pretty good. All you need to do if you're in any doubt is have a look at the LIFT OFF students - they spend their time raving about it. There is a good choice for breakfast and dinner every day. Most days the institution we're at will provide us with a packed lunch. We'll cater for any food allergies or special dietary requirements we're told about in the application form.

Anything else?: Just drop us a line and ask. We're always chuffed to hear from you