Andrew's LIFT OFF experience

Andrew Howe, Lochgelly High School

Andrew Howe was a core pupil at Lochgelly High School in the 2008 (LO2S) cohort and is now studying Engineering and Management at Edinburgh Napier University. Here’s what he had to say about his LIFT OFF experience . . .

“My week with LIFT OFF truly influenced what I wanted to do after school, it gave me the information I needed to know about student life and about the institutions as well. Back then I had the aspiration to go on and study at college if not university but I was very unsure of how to go about finding out information I needed until I came to LO2S and became a core pupil. 

After my time at LO2S I received first class support from the LIFT OFF team. . . .(including) workshops with the whole class and core pupil meetings.

Through all of these different events I have gone onto change my life from what it would most likely have been. Through LIFT OFF I decided to follow my aspirations to study at university. Through the skills LIFT OFF taught me I was able to decide what I would like to study at University. With help received from the team I applied to study engineering with management at Edinburgh Napier University. Advice from the team also helped me  sort out my funding for my first year of the course which believe me is a lot harder than it sounds.  

I believe the LIFT OFF experience is designed to encourage you to fulfil your potential but you have to follow through on that potential by applying yourself to your studies and attaining the grades necessary to secure a place on your chosen course.“