S4 Campus Event

Our first event for S4 pupils is designed to answer some of those most burning HE-related questions: What is a lecture like? Is it difficult to take notes? Will I get lost? Will everyone else be PURE BRAINY? Are there biscuits?

Glorious Students

Pupils spend a day on campus with us. They'll have a lecture, meet folks from other schools and get a chance to experience what it’s all about. The team will be joined by the glorious student volunteers, and we all become very excited at the propect of meeting lots of exciting new people.

 Munching Mionion

Even MORE exciting that that (yes!) is that if you come along to this event, you will become a LIFT OFF Core Pupil, which means that you get loads of additional help and support from us until you leave school (performs energetic dance of victory, collapses on floor in state of excited exhaustion).