Where the Core Pupil journey begins!

Where the core pupil journey begins!

S4 is the year it all starts. When it all kicks off!! But don't worry you might chance again in S5 if you change your mind later on.

Selected pupils are nominated by their schools to become fully signed up LIFT OFF core pupils (hurray!)

Core pupils get the opportunity to take part in lots of different LIFT OFF events and activities during their time at school (check out the rest of our website for all of the details).

Those who decide to go for it will fill out an application form and pass it to the contact teacher. They have loads of experience so if they think a pupil and LIFT OFF are a match made in heaven then they are probably right :)

All Core Pupils S4 - S6

All of our core pupils have the opportunity (recommended!) to meet individually with someone from the LIFT OFF team. This ensures that we know what their interests are (and if they've changed) and what help they might need. Whether it's exploring course options or institution, working out a 'Plan B' or just knowing where to start, we're there to help. Provided the pupils give us permission (most do) we can also share this information with teachers. 

More information about our programme can be found by clicking on our booklet below, you can ask your guidance teacher or give us a shout here at LIFT OFF!