End of S3 Events For This Year

Our team love getting out into schools and working with young people, and the journey starts at S3! Starting all the way back in January at Arbroath Academy, we have worked with a phenomenal 560 S3 pupils from all of our 12 schools, finishing off at the last event at Beath High School on the 9th March. Well done to all those who took part - we are looking forward to getting to know you over the next few years.

The S3 event gets pupils thinking about the kind of things colleges and universities will be looking for in applications. Not only academic grades but what else makes you stand out from the crowd!

Exploring extracurricular activities, volunteering or part time jobs - we highlight the skills that these activities provide you with and how admissions tutors would be interested in knowing about them - it all plays a part in applying.

With a little bit of fancy dress we explore what subjects you might need in order to go into a certain career path: What would you study if you wanted a job in Engineering, Nursing or Teaching? Many of our S3 pupils were brilliant by volunteering to dress up in front of their class mates and got a wee prize for their efforts. Thank you those who did!

Now that S3 events are behind us for another year, we are now working with our young people in S4 leading up to our flagship event - LIFT OFF 2 Success, however, more on this soon so keep your eyes peeled!

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