Gemma's left LIFT OFF

It was a sad day on Wednesday at LIFT OFF Towers. It was Gemma's last day of working with LIFT OFF. She has been with us for YEARS - originally as one of our best-ever super-dooper student volunteers, and latterly as one of our Development Workers.

Gemma has decided that she wants to pursue a career that will allow her to use her degree qualification, so she has landed an exciting new job with the NHS.

Gemma is already being missed in the office. Nobody else can come up with the same quality random conversational openers (e.g. - from nowhere - "You know dolphins, right....what do you think they think about?"). We miss her randomness, her top-quality rants and, of course, her sense of humour. We wish her all the very best in her new job (we wonder what her new colleagues would make of the dolphin thing!?!)

Good luck, Gem - hope you have a great time in your new job. You'll notice we chose a particularly glam pic of you as a tribute!

Love from everyone at LIFT OFF x

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