L02S week 2 - what's what!

A big helloooo to everyone coming on week 2 of L02S, Sunday 7th-Friday 12th August, from the LIFT OFF Team (Sarah,Cheryl, Mairi and Gemma!!

We hope that everyone is looking forward to coming along and having a brilliant busy week with us. 


To make sure that everyone knows what is what, we'll try to give you a quick run down of our most frequently asked questions.


Q. Who are the people in white t-shirts?

 A.If you see somebody with a white LIFT OFF t-shirt on during the week then they are some of our student volunteers.  These students will be group leaders for the week and each pupil will be assigned a leader on the Sunday night.They are there to be a friendly face for you and to be your main source of information.  During the week you can talk to any LIFT OFF Students and ask them lots of questions about college and university. They are all current students so are great people to ask about what is going on right now!


Q. What kind of clothes should I bring?

A.Hmmm... the Scottish weather can be a bit crazy at times so we think that it's best to bring a mixture.  You will definitely need a pair of comfy shoes to walk in (trainers are perfect), something warm and something waterproof. 

For the party night on Thursday, we have a Ceilidh band booked so this is your chance to dress and impress. Girls usually bring along a dress/skirt and boys a shirt/kilt.


Q. What else will I need to pack?

A. There are a couple of essentials that you will need to bring with you. The main things to remember are your toiletries, clothes for the week (yes we've been asked before if you need to bring clothes) and things like your phone charger and any personal medication that you have been prescribed.

Everybody will have a hand and bath towel provided in their room but if you need a hairdryer or straighteners then bring those with you. We don't recommend people bringing anything too valuable, so leave your laptops etc at home.


Hopefully that answers some of your questions but if you think of anything else before the weekend, then please contact us at the office or leave us a comment on Facebook.

We look forward to meeting you all and hope that you have a fantastic time on L02S :) !!


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