LIFT OFF Pupils in Nursing Simulations

LIFT OFF has been working alongside Tom Mcconnachie of Dundee University to engage school pupils in student nursing simulations.

So far six pupils from 3 different schools across Fife and Dundee have been given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the student nursing experience.  Not only did the pupils get to take part in some role play; playing a simulated patient, they also got to join the student nursing teams and learn valuable skills, techniques and practices that are paramount in care environments.

Katie Hardie, Karis Penman (S4 from Braeview Academy); Cally Waugh, Kaitlyn Bell (S6 from Lochgelly High School); Leigh Murray and Morgan Bree (S6 from St. Pauls RC Academy; pictured) will all receive certificates of participation from the university.

The pupils have reported gaining valuable experiences from their involvement which they hope will help them on their way to pursuing  careers in the in care industry.

“Just like to thank you for helping me get involved in that brilliant experience at  Dundee, loved every minute of it and gave me lots of things to talk about! Much appreciated…”

“Was really a great experience and everyone was so nice and made us feel really welcomed. Overall it was brilliant!...”

“I totally agree it was amazing! Can't wait to go back, really gave us an insight into what it would be like to be a nursing student…”

We hope this is just the beginning of an ongoing collaboration to raise the aspirations of, and inspire new thinking, in the young people we work with within the Fife and Tayside area. It is great that pupils are getting the opportunity to become part of a student nursing team and learn from their peers in a clinical skills environment.

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