LO2S is almost here!


With LO2S just around the corner, we can get the sense of excitement from all of the pupils attending Week 1 of LO2S! Don't worry if you haven't heard from a member of the LIFT OFF team yet, we are still calling into the weekend to give you some last minute advice for the week

We have also been posting some top tips on various different aspects of the week on our Facebook. These have been taken from our student volunteers and pupils who have been on the week in the past, so definitely some sage advice worth noting!

The biggest piece of advice we want to give you is to make the most of the opportunity next week. If you come to LO2S with an open mind and a clear goal of at least one thing you want to get out of it, it will definitely help in the long term moving up into S5, S6 and beyond!

If you have any last minute questions, the LIFT OFF team will be available via email ( or via our Facebook so get in touch!

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