LO2S19: Promotions Begin!


We are coming into school throughout April to promote our next big even for our S4 core pupils: LIFT OFF to SUCCESS (LO2S) Summer School!

Just to serve as a reminder, LO2S is our residential summer school for our core pupils progressing into S5. You will spend a week living like a student, staying in a hall of residence at the University of St Andrews and exploring different colleges and universities. Best of all, it is FREE!

LO2S takes place over 2 weeks in July, but you will only attend one. You tell us what week suits you best on the signup sheet!

Week 1: 1-5 July

Week 2: 15-19 July

If you want to find out more about LO2S, head on over to the LO2S section of our website where you can find out about what other young people thought about going to LO2S and some frequently asked questions!

So what do you have to do to get involved? Places are unfortunately limited, so we are coming into school throughout April to tell you a bit more about LO2S and give out the signup sheet: Dates below! This signup sheet requires a parent/carer signature and a recent photo of you: no filters! You will also need to provide ALL medication, dietary requirements and additional support needs.

Your form should be completed and returned ASAP to your LIFT OFF contact teacher in school.

Once we have heard from all the schools and received all the applications, we will allocate pupils to weeks and letters will be sent home to inform you if you have been successful.

Parents/carers will be receiving some information in the post soon and you can check the dates below for when we are coming into school!

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