Pupil Forum Rocks Our Socks

The fabulous LIFT OFF Pupil Forum met on Saturday, 3rd March in Dundee.

Core Pupils and Student Volunteers got together with the team to give their views and opinions on what we've been up to and how we're doing. We had a right good chat and a splendid bit of banter to boot.

Rumours that we also annihilated DOZENS of custard creams may or may not be true!

Issues up for discussion were LIFT OFF branding, the S3 workshop, problems for "Auntie Cheryl" and general thoughts and comments about being a core pupil or a student volunteer.

A great big LIFT OFF thank you to everyone who took part. We have now uploaded the Pupil Forum report :)

So if you fancy a read, follow the link to your very own Pupil Forum page!

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