S3 Events So Far...


The team has been busy visiting the S3s in our 12 partner schools introducing them to the concept of Higher Education and what the LIFT OFF team do! Coming to the end of our S3 school visits, Nicola reflects on the last month

I don't remember much of being in S3 but I do remember that I wanted to be a nurse. My mum and Dad had always worked in the care profession and I knew that it was a route that I might have wanted to explore. However, I had no clue what a university or college was or how I even researched my options; especially when it came to my S3 choices. I wish I had someone to give me a bit of direction! Like the LIFT OFF S3 Event (see what I did there?).

S3 is the first year group that the LIFT OFF team engages with. The aim of the workshop is the introduce the concept of higher education and why is it never too early to start thinking about our future choices. It is also a chance for the LIFT OFF team to introduce themselves, talk about our programme and how you can sign up in S4 as a core pupil. Our amazing student volunteers also come along to share their experiences of college or university. An action packed session for a school double period!

It was my task to organise the S3 event for the schools and my main goal was to ensure that our workshop was informative, interactive and fun. Working with the current S3 resources, the core team and our student volunteers I decided to update and revamp our current resources producing a new interactive session which could be adapted to different locations and numbers.

Obviously with a new session we have to road test it to make sure that we haven't missed anything and in December we arranged a session to give the workshop a try with our student volunteers. It was great to hear the opinions and advice of our student volunteers incorporating their ideas into the session to make sure it what the best that it could be. Sharing is caring.

The S3 events all kicked off in January. Nice way to return from the Christmas break. the workshops focus on the benefits of going to college and university, the different jargon related to HE and the different jobs we can explore including what we might need to do to get there! At the time of writing this we are 11/12 schools down and we have seen over 500 S3s. Phew!

The LIFT OFF team have been so impressed with the S3s we have seen. Everyone has been clued up on college and university giving great answers and ideas about higher education. We look forward to meeting them again next year when we will hopefully be signing them up as core pupils! In the meantime, if you see us in school please say hi!

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