S4 Campus Event

So our first Campus Event for S4 pupils got off to an awesome start with our core pupils from Arbroath Academy and Brechin High School spending the day with us learning about what life might be like in higher education.  They experienced an extremely interesting if also somewhat terrifying lecture exploring ‘technological advancements and the internet’ by one of our partners esteemed lecturers. 

They were able to discuss this topic further with our awesome student volunteers who assist us at these events, in the form of a tutorial in one of the break out rooms.  It turns out the pupils were not as freaked out by the advancements as the Development Worker’s were!  Apparently it’s an age thing! 

Moving swiftly on, it was here that many of their questions regarding FE and HE were answered (i.e. “Is it difficult to take notes?  Will I get lost?  Will everyone else be PURE BRAINY?  How do I pay for stuff? ”), as well as making some random statements – e.g. “I like Nutella!” 

The pupils were lovely, fully engaged, and seemed genuinely interested in being there (just the kind we like!)  Our evaluation will let us uncover if this was indeed the case!??

The student volunteers also facilitated some fun games and led exercises looking at the skills and qualifications the pupils currently possessed, and might need in the future.

It’s just the beginning for our LIFT OFF Core Pupils – as there’s still loads of fun stuff and additional help and support from us until you leave school!  We look forward to seeing you all again soon!!!

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