S4 and S5 - 2018 Meetings!


An important part of the LIFT OFF Programme for Development Workers is building a relationship with our Core Pupils in all 12 of our schools. Events are great to provide lots of information about higher education to lots of people at the same time but they do not allow for us to get to know the pupils: their personalities and career aspirations.

To make sure that we can do this, we have implemented one-on-one meetings with the team in S4 and S5 - the S4 Core Pupil and S5 Individual Action Plan (IAP) Meetings. Pupils meet with a member of the team who act as an additional layer of support allowing the young person to vocalise their thoughts on their studies and higher education goals with someone who is impartial and has their best interests at heart.

S5 IAPs were up first - running from 12 February until 14 March. In all, we saw 99 pupils which is a total of 26 hours of face-to-face contact (not bad considering it was only Mel and Dylan conducting them!)

We found out a lot about our S5 Core Pupils from these meetings. Did you know that Humanities subjects are the most popular course choices for after school? 18% of pupils want to study something in that field; closely followed by Medicine (16%) and STEM-related subjects behind that (15%). We also had a wide range of career choices - including 2 budding Journalists; 3 up-and-coming Lawyers; 3 promising Engineers; 6 Nurses and a Games Designer!

S4 Core Pupil Meetings were up next, from 9 March until 28 March. We saw a grand total of 147 pupils which equates to 24.5 face-to-face contact time but, it doesn't end there! Following these meetings, we message every Core Pupil with useful links and scores of information to keep them up to date with all the fine print!

Now that we have completed these, we are back in schools the week commencing Monday 16 April to chat to our S4 Core Pupils about our next exciting event: LO2S 2018! If you are in S4, make sure you are there so you don't miss out!

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