Steph's started at LIFT OFF

Over the last few months at LIFT OFF we've had lots of changes.

Some have been sad... Like Cheryl and Laura leaving us, but they have both moved on to great places, and we wish them the best of luck in their new jobs.  

We've also has some happy changes, the best one being the S5 workshop - joke.  Seriously though there have been happy changes such as Steph starting at LIFT OFF Towers. 

Steph used to be one of our fantastic Student Volunteers when she was at Uni and helped out an numerous events including the LIFT OFF workshops, Pupil Forum and most recently L02S.

 However she recently graduated her 4 year Honours degree in Sociology at the University of Abertay :-D (congrats Steph), and applied for the job at LIFT OFF.

Steph officially started as a LIFT OFF Development Worker last week, so you should see her in and around the schools with Mairi and Gemma.


If you see her say hello!!

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