Student focus for national meeting

We know that the young people we work with really appreciate the role that students play in our programme. Students are integral to LIFT OFF, both as volunteers in the classroom, as leaders on our residential programme and as tutors on LOLS. We do a lot of work with students, but we really feel that we want to do a great deal more.

We were very excited on Thursday, 28th February, therefore, when we hosted a meeting of our colleagues from across Scotland. We were looking at ways in which students are used in different areas to support widening access activities in schools. It was brilliant to get the opportunity to chat to others and to find out about the way that they work with students on their programmes.

Loads of great discussion and good ideas were generated, and we at LIFT OFF certainly felt that we learned loads from the day. We are now very much looking forward to a return-match in Inverness to explore some other areas common to all working on SHEP (Schools for Higher Education Programme).

For the record, we were also very enthused by the tiny muffins served with lunch!

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