We LURVE our student volunteers

LIFT OFF just simply could not operate without our dedicated Student Volunteers. These lovely folks devote themselves to our young people - who in turn relish the opportunity to talk to those in the process of making their learner journey into a successful one. On the week of International Volunteer Day, we thought it was a great chance to introduce you to some of our newest volunteers to join the LIFT OFF family. (From left to right: Abby, Brian, Logan, Julia and Sandy) These volunteers represent the diverse breadth of knowledge that our volunteers have to offer - from Animation to Sport and Fitness; International Relations and Spanish to Social Science. We try to make sure that regardless of your potential career path, there is always an approachable volunteer there to help answer your burning questions - and these guys certainly fit the bill. Expect to see them at an event in 2017 where they will be more than happy to help!

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