Mairi McKinnon

Place of Birth?:

Perth, Scotland

Where did you study?:

Bell Baxter High School, University of Edinburgh and Open University Scotland

What did you study?:

Psychology with Biological Sciences, then Educational Enquiry

If you could go back to S5, would you study another subject?:

I enjoy having an understanding of how things work. With that in mind, think I would have enjoyed Mechanical Engineering. I didn’t study physics at school so I would have taken this as subject.

What was your favourite part of Higher Education?:

The independence. I moved away from home to study so it was the first time I had the opportunity to live with other people who were not my family. I became responsible for my own finances, time-management and wellbeing – paying bills, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, studying and socialising.

What is your favourite part of working with LIFT OFF?:

The young people we work with – so many different characters and personalities! The knowledge that we can really make difference to people’s educational journeys, through our expertise and networks, is very rewarding.