Describe your role

I'm LIFT OFF's Administrator which involves assisting the Development Workers on a day to day basis, purchasing, finance and lots of other exciting things!

What's your favourite thing about working with LIFT OFF?
Working with such a great bunch of people and helping to arrange our fabby LIFT OFF events.

What advice would you give to your 17 year-old self?
Be yourself and make your own choices.  If you believe in something then go for it!

If you could go back to college or uni to study anything, what would you choose and why?
Midwifery or nursing.  I love all the gory medical programmes on TV!

What makes you laugh?
My 4 year old's random comments and dance moves

What's your favourite biscuit?
Custard cream (dunked in a cup of tea)

Anything else you'd like to say....?
Take all the opportunities that come your never know where they might lead!