Pupil Contract?


By returning a LIFT OFF Application, you are completing a Pupil Contract. This contract is something that LIFT OFF will hold you to in your time as a Core Pupil. LIFT OFF will expect you:

  • To be on time to scheduled events;


  • To treat all members of the LIFT OFF Team, student volunteers and Higher Education Academic Staff with the same level of respect they show to you;


  • To remember that you are an ambassador for both your school and the LIFT OFF programme and should behave as such;


  • If you will be unable to attend an prearranged event, let LIFT OFF know you will not be able to make it by emailing them at;


  • To promise to carry out all work or goals the LIFT OFF Team set you - remember LIFT OFF is for your own benefit.


If you fail to live up to these expectations, you not only risk making the most of the opportunity but you may give up your place on the programme.


Updated: 01/08/2019