Graham Motion

Place of Birth?:

Kirkcaldy, Fife

Where did you study?:

After school I went to Adam Smith College in Kirkcaldy (now Fife College) before going to the University of Dundee. I then completed my PhD at University of Dundee/James Hutton Institute.

What did you study?:

HNC Applied Science, HND Biological Sciences, then BSc (Hons) Molecular Biology. For my PhD, I researched plant-pathogen interactions which also included some computational biology.

If you could go back to S5, would you study another subject?:

I would have taken Computing as this would have helped me with a lot of things I’ve done so far. I would also like to have tried Physics as this is the only science I didn’t do (although I’d only really be interested in learning about cool space stuff – not so much the Maths!).

What was your favourite part of Higher Education?:

Having the chance to study something that I enjoyed was amazing. However, the independence of moving away from home and experiencing new situations with my friends was the best.

What is your favourite part of working with LIFT OFF?:

Being part of an awesome team and working with so many interesting young people that we can help makes working for LIFT OFF both fun and highly rewarding.