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Hey y'all, I'm Casey and I'm currently in my Third year of studying Animation at DJCAD! I've been with LIFT OFF as a volunteer for about 4 years now and I used to be a core pupil with them too!! (The just can't get rid of me!) In all honesty, without LIFT OFF I probably would never had even considered University, thanks to them i was put in contact with the ACES program which helped me build my portfolio for entrance in to DJCAD. LIFT OFF really helped improve my confidence and gave me the necessary skills/experience for going in to HE. They were there for me when I ended up doing college for a year as I was rejected first time round from Uni. I really enjoy being a volunteer with them, in a way I feel I am returning the favour to them for helping me get to where I am today! Seeing the kids come out of their shell like I once did on events like LOLS, LO2S is definitely one of the perks of the job. Volunteering with LIFT OFF has definitely been one of the most 'Up-Lifting' experiences and I hope to stay with them for more years to come!