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I have always had it in my mind that I would go to University, from a young age I wanted to go into science. However, when it got to 3rd year of secondary school I had no idea what subjects to take. With LIFT OFF's help I discovered what a Biomedical Science degree was, they literally shaped my future. I've been apart of LIFT OFF both as a student and as a volunteer now, I was previously a core pupil. After I didn't get the grades I hoped for in 5th year and was diagnosed with sever dyslexia, LIFT OFF got me back on my feet, and with their help on my personal statement I sailed into university. I am the first in my family to go into higher education, so at first it was slightly daunting as I didn't really have anyone to relate too, but once I got into the swing of things I realised how many others are in the same boat. I thoroughly enjoy learning in a university environment and I am looking into going into a medical degree after my undergrad to become a general practitioner.