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I chose to study history because I enjoyed the subject when I was at school. When I finish my history course I am planning and hoping to proceed onto a post graduate primary education course. When I was in secondary school I understood that HE was the progression made after school onto college and/or university, but I wish that I knew just how much of a jump and challenge it would be. We were told that the work load would include more and be more difficult than it was at secondary school, but I personally did not think that the jump would be quite as big as it was. I knew as soon as I left school that I wanted to volunteer with LIFT OFF as they helped me from S3 straight through to applying for university and I feel like I would not have been able to make the jump and stick at university without their help as they do not stop helping when you leave school. So I knew that I wanted to do the same and help others in their journey through secondary school and into HE.