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LO2S Testimonials

Smiley'sStraight from the horses mouth. LO2S is the bees knees! Read what those in the know have to say about it here.

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Viewforth High School pupil and LO2S 2007 Graduate

Kirsten is an S6 Core Pupil and LIFT OFF Pupil Forum member

LIFT OFF - My Experience

“Summer 2007 was the most memorable summer by far!  I attended LO2S in St Andrews and I experienced so many different opportunities that I never knew about.

Meeting new people was so much fun, everyone interacted with everyone and the LIFT OFF students were so welcoming.  The members of LIFT OFF are so caring and considerate you wouldn’t believe that they were human, ha ha!

Lee Kane was such a character and gosh don’t we miss him and Phil, however, we have welcomed along Gary and Cheryl and they are totally brilliant.

LIFT OFF have helped me so much since 2007.  I thought of leaving school in my 5th year.  I wanted to take the easy way out when things got tough, and drop my duties of Depute Head Girl, but Sarah and the LIFT OFF team have encouraged me to stay positive, relaxed and happy.  Now I totally love my 6th year, I am Head Girl, improving in all areas of the school and college every week and I definitely would not have done it without the help of LIFT OFF!!!

So guys, my advice to you is - want to leave school?? Escape the easy way out?? DON’T!!  LIFT OFF and their students are here to help, so get onto www.lift-off.org.uk and sort yourselves out!  You never know what LIFT OFF can offer you.”

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scott and aneka

Scott and Aneka were on LO2S 2009
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Mrs McFarlane is a teacher in one of our schools. Click here to hear her view.

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