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what we do

School Workshops

The LIFT OFF team deliver a range of workshops in our partner schools that are designed to increase pupils' awareness of opportunities available to them in Higher Education - whether at college or university. These are arranged by the team directly with contact teachers. Usually, slots for all of the workshops are agreed at the beginning of the academic year. Most workshop sessions will take place in PSE time.
Currently, we deliver workshops to pupils from S3 to S6.
Student Volunteers play a vital role in the delivery of workshops.
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LIFT OFF to Success (LO2S)

LO2S is our one week residential programme, designed to give pupils a taste of student life. The programme runs in the summer holidays and is available to pupils from partner schools moving from S3 to S4. LIFT OFF staff liaise with contact teachers about selection criteria for pupils, and will then promote the event in school to those intersted.
During the week, the pupils stay in a student hall of residence, and will visit many different colleges and universities where they will experience a wide range of taster subjects. There is a graduation ceremony at the end of the week that parents and teachers are invited to attend.
The week is staffed by the whole LIFT OFF team, by Student Volunteers and by probationer teachers.
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Great Big LIFT OFF Conference (GBLOC)

GBLOC is a conference designed specifically for S5 pupils from target schools. The content is intended to offer additional support and advice to those intending to apply for HE the following year. Delegates take part in two compulsory sessions (Funding for HE and Student Life) and then select two others from a possible four. The event relies heavily on input from partners and external agencies who deliver most of the sessions, and provide staff to man stands over lunchtime. Schools are provided with pupil registration forms. LIFT OFF staff will then liaise closely with the school in the run up to the event.
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Pupil Forum

LIFT OFF believes in listening to young people. Our Pupil Forum includes young people from target schools across the four regions we work in. The work of the Pupil Forum is invaluable. Not only are they able to tell us what they like about LIFT OFF (and sometimes what they don't!), but also contribute loads of ideas about where we might go next. LIFT OFF is a programme for young people. The Pupil Forum makes certain that it develops to meet their needs.

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Student Volunteers

Our Student Volunteers are essential members of the LIFT OFF team. They support the Development Workers in delivering workshops in schools, and we could not run big events like LO2S or GBLOC wthout them. Their enthusiasm and dedication - not to mention their feedback and ideas - play a huge part in making LIFT OFF the success it is!

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Additional Resources

LIFT OFF produces a number of resources, including the Stepping Higher booklet, Role on to Success DVD and the Surviving Standard Grades DVD. We are working on our "LIFT OFF Lowdown" newsletter and our new blog site. New items will be posted on the website as we have them. Watch this space :o)

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