LIFT OFF Learning Skills (LOLS) 2019/20

Getting into university or college can certainly be stressful - no doubt(!) - and it is our job to try to alleviate this stress as much as possible.

So, the LIFT OFF team thought a few years back, "How do we equip our Core Pupils with the skills that universities and colleges ask for in their potential students?"

Well, fail to prepare and prepare to fail and what better way to prepare than to develop skills like team work, presentation skills, communication and time management. Not only this, but pupils do this in an SCQF accredited course and those who pass receive 3 credit points at SCQF Level 6 to put on their applications - the same level as a Higher!

LOLS, or LIFT OFF Learning Skills, is a credit rated course course delivered by LIFT OFF during the October Holidays. This year, the LOLS theme focused on Young People and Mental Health; with the course content covering things like but we also looked at things like Applications and Admissions; Life in Higher Education; Learning Styles; Working together as a group and how to present findings.

Overall in 2019/20, 108 participated in LOLS and 89 passed - a pass percentage of 90%! Well done to all those who passed and a congratulations is also in order for those who came forward to get involved in the first place. Taking part in extracurricular activities is a vital part of the application process and you gave it a go. You will have received your certificates in the post, as well as a handy guide for adding LOLS onto your UCAS application.

If anyone has any questions about LOLS, or what is next for you in the LIFT OFF programme, get in touch!

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