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C4 Yourself

Fife Council Traveller Education Unit and Elmwood College

For a variety of mainly cultural reasons, that includes a view that the secondary school curriculum does not always fit well with the Traveller lifestyle, many young Travellers disengage with education after primary school. They are often unaware of the flexible learning opportunities that are available to them through colleges, or lack confidence of entering an unknown learning environment.

Youngsters get a cooking lesson

This project aims to raise awareness of college and the wide variety of courses offered, and to make the participants comfortable with the college environment. Two sessions for groups of 5 – 10 young Travellers are run per year. They visit the college and engage in some hands-on sessions in different subject areas, as well as touring the college.

Participants can access friendly and informal information and guidance with staff on hand to discuss available options and practical issues such as finance.

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