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LIFT OFF Teachers

LIFT OFF could not do the work it does without the support of teachers in our partner schools. We really appreciate the time and effort you give us – thank you!

We hope to build this section of the website into a valuable resource for teachers. Please contact us if there’s anything you would like to see included on the site.

Further info

Partner Schools
View the schools which we target at LIFT OFF. Go!

LO2S Pupil Criteria
What criteria do your pupils have to fufill to be part of LO2S? Go!

Teacher FAQ
Answers to all your burning questions about LIFT OFF. Go!

Annual Programme pdf.

Teacher Guide - S3 General Workshop

Teacher Guide - S4 General Workshop

Teacher Guide - S5 General Workshop



lift off: Teachers' PERSPECTIVE

Mr RossMr Ross - Kirkland HS

We would wholeheartedly recommend young people to participate in this project if they are given the opportunity.



Mr Dempsey - Brechin HS

Click to hear what Mr Dempsey has to say