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LO2S Pupil Criteria

We know that identifying which pupils should be given the opportunity to attend LO2S is extremely difficult for teachers, particularly with relatively few places allocated per school.

Here is a brief description of the pupils we are most interested in working with on LO2S, which we hope you will find useful.

LO2S is designed for those young people who you know have the potential to do well in Higher Education, whether delivered at college or university, but who may not be achieving as well as they could be, or who may lack the confidence to strive to fulfill their potential. In other words, the “high flyers” who are well on track are not those who we believe will benefit the most from the programme.

Of course every person is different and there is a huge variety of social factors that can influence a young person's perception of themselves and their own ability. This list, therefore, is intended only as a guide for staff when considering who might best benefit from LO2S:

  • Low income family
  • No family culture of attending college or university
  • Long-term parental unemployment
  • Looked after young people
  • Lacking in confidence
  • Overcrowded / substandard accommodation
  • Family break up/single parent families
  • Long-term illness or disability of a family member
  • Bereavement
  • Other adverse circumstances (e.g. alcoholism/domestic violence)

Click here for a pdf of the criteria given to schools

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